CBD Genetic Test

Your CBD genetic profile with personalized report and actionable insights, delivered directly to your smartphone.

  • Metabolism: Understand how quickly your body processes CBD, and how different CBD formats will affect you differently.
  • Product recommendations based on your unique genetic profile
  • Future updates: Latest research and studies, recommendations and exclusive offers
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Your sensitivity to CBD

The way your body metabolizes CBD, the active non-intoxicating compound in cannabis, is influenced by the CYP2C19 gene. This gene encodes a liver enzyme that helps metabolize CBD in your bloodstream. 25% of the population carries the gene variant that causes them to metabolize CBD more slowly than normal. Conversely, 25% of people are fast metabolizers CBD. Understanding your rate of CBD metabolism can help you better understand the effects of CBD and how it functions in the body.

Metabolism report includes
  • Insight into your speed of metabolism
  • Genetics by population and ethnicity
  • How different formats will affect you

Explore your CBD genetic profile and more

In addition to your report, we're constantly updating our platform to bring you future insights and benefits including:

  • Tools and recommendations to better understand your cannabis profile
  • The latest science and research news
  • Exclusive offers from our partners

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